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  • Superior Steel Processing Technology
    Superior Steel Processing Technology

    30 Years of Experience and Trust

  • New Generation Steel Processing Standards
    New Generation Steel Processing Standards

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  • Computer Aided Production Planning
    Computer Aided Production Planning

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Our company, which operates in the sector since 1986, has an area of 75.000 m2 in total with 3 factories, 45.000 m2 closed and 30.000 m2 open area. Doganlar steel Forging is a specialized forging and processing factory that produces today's modern machine parks and forged parts in various sizes and shapes weighing from 1 kg to 200 kg.

With our experienced technical team, AR-GE group and sales unit, we have accomplished many successful works both at home and abroad; Being a pioneer in its field and putting customer satisfaction into the foreground, it has aimed to work itself.

About Us...

Dear visitor, Welcome to our website. We hope this site will give you an idea of who we are and what we do, but also what we can do for you.


Doğanlar’s business success and sustainable growth are founded on corporate responsibility along with visionary thought and action.

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As a solution partner to keep the fire alive and steel production company, we are making an active contribution to technical progress and global and national economic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service area and product range?

At present we serve the sectors with 5 thousand different products and semi-finished product groups. Our company manufactures finished and semi finished products under one roof with forging, processing, sheet metal, plasma and laser cutting system, heat treatment, machining, welding, assembly, dyeing and packaging processes. If we are running this process under one roof, our customers are able to supply all of these services from one location.

Are You Making Special Production?

We make special production in accordance with the request of our customers. Our customer comes with the technical drawing and sample of the part that he wants to produce and we respond to the request according to the processes or the customer may also want us to design for a product from us. We also have our work in this regard.

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Meeting All Needs The Most Powerful!

Under one roof with forging, processing, sheet metal, plasma and laser cutting system, heat treatment, machining, welding, assembly, painting and packaging processes ...

Producing for the future with a care motivation for the earth!